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Condos Crested Butte

Those interested in condos throughout Crested Butte will find plenty of information here. As you go through Trulia.com as of July 2023, you’ll find 69 condos available. The properties start as low as $185K and up to $4.12M, the variety makes it great for first-time homebuyers while offering excellent luxury properties for those wanting something more. Some offering more square feet than homes can be excellent properties.

Those interested in living here will be happy about the high ratings from Niche.com, such as performing well regarding commute times, nightlife, and fitness options. You have plenty of trails to explore, many mountains to enjoy during the winter, and some lakes and rivers surrounding the area. The combination makes it great for young couples wanting to have fun and those interested in a vacation spot offering plenty of activities.

As you look through the options regarding your condos, you’ll want to turn to a broker that knows the area. Since I’ve lived here for over 40 years, I know all about the real estate available and keep myself up-to-date on the details. As we work together, I’ll take you on tours to different condos, and we’ll determine which condos best match your needs. Call me now to start your condo search.

More info about Crested Butte: https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/crested-butte-gunnison-co/

  • You’ll encounter a solid range of condos in Crested Butte.